Friday, December 12, 2014

4 Reasons Why the Gender Wage Gap Should Be Eliminated

You might expect that by the year 2014, sex discrimination in the workplace would be gone. It seems to be an issue that belongs in the 1950s, not the modern age. Despite being the 21st century, women in 2013 made 78 cents for every man's dollar, only one percent more than they made in 2012. So, why are we as a society still following this sexist and outdated practice of discrimination?

There are a multitude of reasons the wage gap should be closed by now. Here are four reasons we believe it should be erased:

  1. Creating a work environment that retains women
    When women are paid the same as men and given the same promotion opportunities, the resulting equality creates a positive work environment. This enhances workplace productivity. If women are valued and feel valued for their work, their skills can be fully utilized. It's easier for a company to retain the best employees if they know that they are treated fairly. If they are not treated equally, they will leave to find better opportunities and advance their careers.

  2. Contributing to greater economic growth as a whole
    The economy benefits from everyone making fairer wages. If women can earn more money, they can spend more money. By increasing the overall earnings of women, fewer end up in poverty. Women's work is just as valuable as men’s work, and their skills are a resource for the economy that is lost when unrecognized.

  3. Attracting new customers and employees
    Offering competitive wages will also attract more women as prospective employees. When women are treated fairly, prospective employees are more likely to see your company as a good place to work. They will view it as a place where a variety of groups can be accepted and appreciated, and this allows your company to attract diverse employees. Your public image will also benefit if it is common knowledge that your workplace is one where women are valued, attracting more customers and increasing your profits.

  4. Basic fairness and equality: Moving toward the future This is perhaps the simplest reason why the wage gap should be closed. In addition to all the financial benefits for your company and the entire economy, giving women equal wages is a matter of basic fairness. As discrimination is eliminated, this allows society to move forward as a whole. Your company can play an important role in social advancement by putting fair practices into place.

Sometimes, patterns of wage discrimination are not conscious but are instead reflections of societal attitudes that need to be examined. It's important to be aware of where these injustices occur and how they should be addressed. Fighting wage discrimination can bring us one step closer to gaining equality for women.