Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Tips to Take Back Control of Your Career with Temp Work

Can’t find the right position to work where you can utilize your skills and potential? Tired of your current routine and looking for a fresh perspective? Are you retired or a stay at home mom who wants to get back to business but can’t find the right opportunity? Wondering whether temporary work is worth it?

We say take the plunge and bag the chance whenever and wherever you get! Temporary positions will not only amp up your resume and keep you occupied for the time being, but also open up new doors to greater possibilities that you may not have considered before!

Working as a temp can very well prove to be the first step towards a worthwhile career of our dreams and also provide you the business networking opportunities you are searching for. And once you are back in the game, you can make the transition to the permanent spots with your knack for innovation, attention to detail and dedication for the job.

Want to know whether temporary work is worth it and what kind of opportunities should you look for? And once you are there, how can you move forward and convert the temporary position into a full time high profile job role?

Here are some tips to boost your career and get back into the work force world with attractive and creative temporary positions:

  1. Explore New Career Horizons
    The best thing that makes you believe that temporary work is worth it is the fact that it helps you explore and discover different types of jobs and enhance your learning curve. Remember, a temporary position doesn’t have to stay that way – if you take responsibility for your work, do your research and put forth your best effort, you can transform the opportunity into a full time position and give your career a whole new direction.
  2. Perform Like a Leader
    Don’t act like a temp – when you are hired for a short term assignment, give your very best and put in as much effort as you can to impress your employer. Adding value and taking on a leadership role will be beneficial for you in the long run and give your employer an idea of the skills and dedication you can offer to the company.

  3. Stay Motivated
    It doesn’t matter whether you are working at a temporary position that is strictly in line with your field or something that just turned up out of the blue and you went for on instinct - as long as you are enjoying it and are psyched up with the frenzy of having something new and exciting to do every day, that’s all that matters, isn’t it? Plus, you will be getting a decent pay for whatever you are doing which will not only help pay the bills but also leave you with a little extra something to indulge in once in a while!
  4. Get Extra Skills and Experience Staying at home and waiting for the right opportunity isn’t going to help you in your job hunt – the best way to go forward is to utilize your time and resources in the best way and use the break in permanent employment to your advantage in getting some new skills and experience to make your resume shine!

    Experience usually outweighs qualification when it comes to the practical world and temporary work is worth it especially in this case as it helps keep your resume alive and keep up with the skills that are needed to outperform the competition.
  5. Utilize Your Network and Connections
    Working alongside people even in temporarily roles gives you the chance to interact with employers as well as likeminded individuals that can help you in your career later on. Think of everyday as an interview in itself – it is becoming a common practice that even the best organizations first hire temporary employees to gauge their skills and analyze their performance and then promote them to permanent positions as soon as a vacancy opens.

    Even if promotion does not happen, you are not permanently bound to a company and working on a short term assignment - keep on looking for other opportunities that can come your way throughout this period. It’s a win-win in any case - ideally temporary work is worth it to fine tune your skills and pave your way to be revived in your career!

Are you unemployed and looking for a temp position? Contact J&J Staffing today to take back control of your career.