Thursday, December 8, 2016

4 Secrets of Google’s Recruitment Process

Google is frequently ranked as one of the best places to work around the globe. It’s no secret that they are a powerhouse when it comes to hiring and retaining talented employees. Every year, Google gets about 2.5 million applications. That’s a mind-boggling amount of potential candidates to process, so how do they find and hire the best employees?

Laszlo Bock, Google's senior vice president of people management, sheds some light on the Google recruitment process in his book Work Rules!. Based on data-driven research, Google's recruitment strategy is designed to hire the most talented and creative people in the world who fit into their company culture. If you want to start finding the right talent for your business, consider taking a page out of Google’s book.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make

5 Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make
common employer hiring mistakes
There’s no way around it: hiring a new employee is a time-consuming and expensive process for employers. It takes hours of interviews, meetings, testing, paperwork, contacting references, and background checks. After going through these hurdles, it can be a big setback for a company if the new hire doesn’t turn out to be the right fit for the job.

That’s why finding and hiring the right candidate the first time is crucial. Knowing how to avoid the most common hiring mistakes can help save your company time and money while increasing employee retention. Here are the 5 biggest hiring mistakes employers should look out for:
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Smartphone Use in the Workplace

using a smartphone in the workplace
Smartphones are here to stay and affect our everyday lives. As of 2015, 92% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 own a smartphone, and so do 65% of adults over 35 years old. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, people are utilizing their phones to stay connected, but how does that usage affect your workplace?

Depending on what kind of work environment you want to foster as an employer or join as an employee, you need to consider the positives and negatives of smartphone use in the workplace. Is banning phones the right move for businesses, or should employers be more lenient? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable, and trying to ignore it is a mistake you don’t want to make. In an office setting, you’re working with people from various backgrounds and differing opinions at every level. It’s only a matter of time and circumstance until conflict arises.

“While conflict is a normal part of any social and organizational setting, the challenge of conflict lies in how one chooses to deal with it.”

How do you handle workplace conflict? The key is to proactively look for it before it occurs. This will help you either prevent or lessen the impact it has. Whether you’re the CEO, manager, or newest employee, you have a responsibility to always be aware of potential conflict.

This guide brings you through conflict resolution in the workplace for individual involvement and 3rd-party mediation. It provides the strategies you should keep in mind when working with others, even in a remote environment.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Workplace Health Tips You Need to Boost Productivity

Do you want the ideal job? Well, you need to look for more than just salary, work/life balance, and culture. Working for the ideal company also means selecting a place where you can stay healthy both in mind and body. These workplace health tips will guide you towards a more positive experience wherever you land.

Before we begin, it’s important to measure the level of stress you’re under right now. When you understand this level, you’ll better appreciate the contents of this article. Use this infographic from Pound Place to better gauge your stress level, and then we’ll begin.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Things Not to Do When Interviewing for a Job

Job interviews are a daunting process. You’re putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation, meeting new people, and knowing you are being evaluated based on a conversation of an hour or less. Still, an interview is often the only way you’ll be offered a job, so it’s to your benefit to practice, prepare, and know the dos and don’ts of interviewing. If you can avoid these 5 interview pitfalls, your talent, personality, and experience will better shine through, hopefully landing you an offer.
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Job Quality vs. Job Compensation: What’s the Deciding Factor?

A big component of any job is the salary or wage. After all, most people work in order to earn money for the things they need and want in life - though enjoying your job is certainly a bonus! When evaluating a job offer, what you will be paid is most likely your key consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

Possible drawbacks of higher pay

You may think there are no downsides to finding a higher paying job. Everyone likes more money! Before saying “yes,” though, you should consider if there are reasons they are offering a higher wage. Job quality versus compensation is a big factor in employee job satisfaction and overall quality of life. Make sure to investigate if a higher hourly wage is making up for the following downsides.

  1. Mandatory extended hours


Some companies, especially those who go through periods where their work surges, such as a busy holiday time or seasonally-dependent work, build forced extended work clauses into their employment contracts. This means you may be mandated to work extra shifts with little to no notice if work levels require it, and refusal can lead to termination.

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