Friday, July 26, 2013

Methods for Establishing Good Client Relationships

If you work for a firm or agency that provides consultative services, then you know quite well how important it is to have a good working relationship with your clients. With so many businesses these days providing outside support to companies of all shapes and sizes, it’s vitally important that account managers have a strong rapport with customers to ensure a long term partnership.

The following methods are simple, effortless ways that company employees can use to help foster a better connection with your business’ clients.

Be Timely with Email Responses
Everyone knows that work can be hectic, but it pays dividends to take the time to reply to client emails shortly after receiving them. A prompt response to an email shows the customer that you are setting their business as a priority and are eager to give them the attention they deserve. 

Should the customer email regard a task that you know you won’t be able to handle for at least some time, you should still take a moment to reply to the email and let the client know you’re working on it. This is a good way to acknowledge the customer so that they can be sure you’re listening to their requests.

Don’t Be All Business
Although some employees may want to get down to brass tacks immediately during meetings, it’s important that you’re not all business with your clients. Make sure to keep things light from time to time and discuss current events, sports, and other common interests. This helps you come across more as a trusted friend than a business expense.

To go a step further with this, you can also try to arrange an outing with your client. This could include a round of golf on the weekend or similar business-friendly activity. 

Use Your Calendar!
If you promise a client that you’ll be back in contact on by a certain day, then make sure you stick to that promise. Whether you use Microsoft Outlook or Google services, you should always make sure to schedule everything in your calendar. Doing this helps ensure that you’ll always fulfill your obligations to your clients.

Remembering client birthdays or other major events is another good way to build a strong working relationship with your clients. Send birthday well wishes or congratulations cards when a customer has a child. This level of care and interest is always appreciated by customers.

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