Monday, July 22, 2013

Demonstrating Your Value in an Interview

As most working adults realize, doing well in an interview is as much about showing value as it about making a good impression. However, with the modern job market being as competitive as it is, showing better value than other job candidates is often the true deciding factor in whether or not a job offer is extended. 

In order to ensure best results when interviewing, demonstrate all that you can offer to the position the company is trying to fill. The following are but a couple ways you can present value during an interview.

Customize Your Cover Letter and Resume for the Job

If you’re applying for a high profile job opening, then it is likely that the job recruiter is looking through multiple applications at once. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that your resume and cover letter stand out from those of your competitors. A survey conducted last year stated that most recruiters only look at a resume for six seconds on average. As such, it’s important to make sure those six seconds tell the recruiter everything he or she needs to know.

The best way to make your resume stand out is to personalize it towards the job you’re trying to get. Make sure that you mention in your cover letter the qualifications that make you a perfect candidate for the position, and structure your resume to include relevant past working experiences and other pertinent information. This will help show value far before the interviewing process is underway.

Answer Interview Questions with the Position in Mind

When answering questions in an interview, you will want to make sure that you respond to inquiries honestly while further displaying how you can be an asset to your potential employer. Always remember that the answers you give in an interview will help the interviewer determine whether or not you are a good fit for the position.
Don’t miss an opportunity to prove that you are skilled and experienced enough to do the job better than the other candidates. Make sure to reference past successes, obstacles you’ve overcome, and any other subjects that would be pertinent to the conversation. It’s fine to brag a little bit about yourself as it shows confidence, but try not to come across as arrogant.
By giving a little extra thought to your actions during the interview process, you’ll find that you’ll get much closer to receiving a job offer than before. Just make sure to always present yourself properly to your interviewer.

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