Monday, February 25, 2013

Did I Hire the Right Person for the Job?

It happens more often than you think. After going through dozens of resumes and conducting numerous interviews with job candidates, you end up making a hire that seems like the right choice. However, after only a few weeks you begin to realize that something is amiss. The person you hire for the position is not shaping up to be what he or she claimed they would be. Suddenly, you are having second thoughts about the hire altogether.

Sadly, this sort of scenario happens more often than many managers would like to admit. While professional staffing agencies go out of their way to extensively screen job candidates, companies that choose to hire without outside help may end up hiring people who are simply not qualified enough or have the right personality to work for them. 

The next time you’re trying to decide whether a new hire is or is not a good fit for your business, try asking yourself the following questions:

Does the Employee Take Initiative?

These days, everyone is trying to land a great job. As a result, most new employees tend to jump at the chance to show their enthusiasm and take on new responsibilities. If you find your recent hire tends to shirk away from responsibility or makes a lot of excuses in general, this may be a sign that he or she is content to do the bare minimum.

Does the Employee Keep Steady Under Pressure?

Good stress management is an important ability for an employee to have, and many people do lack the capability to properly handle hectic business situations. While it’s fine for someone to get a bit nervous about deadlines from time to time, you want to make sure that’s as far as the stress goes. If your employee has a habit of becoming so stressed that he or she cannot do the job effectively, then they may not be a good match for your business.

Does the Employee Perform Well in a Team Setting?

The ability to work well with others in a team environment is a common trait that many employers look for in job candidates - and for good reason. Rarely is there an important position in a company that does not require constant cooperation with other employees or departments. One of the key hallmarks of a bad hire is that he or she is unable to successfully work with others. Should you find that collaborative efforts with your new employee constantly result in project setbacks and other issues, then it might be time to let that employee go.

Should you decide that need to replace a bad hire, J & J Staffing is always able to help you. We assist businesses in finding qualified job candidates through our comprehensive staffing services. Contact us today if you are looking for excellent employees who would fit well with your company.

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