Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Surefire Success Tips for Your Next Interview

2013 is officially here at last and job seekers are no doubt preparing themselves for a brand new year full of interview opportunities. With the New Year holding incredible potential for the career-minded among us, it’s important that everyone gets into the swing of things with the right practices in place. The following are five excellent tips to consider when embarking on your next big interview:

#1: Do Your Homework

After weeks of job hunting, you finally found a listing that looks particularly promising. You send out a cover letter and resume, and then receive a prompt reply asking to set up a time for an interview. Excitedly, you set the appointment and then get to ironing your best suit for the big event. However, aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?

All too often, excited job seekers follow up to a job listing while barely even looking into the company that posted it. Seeing how many managers tend to ask questions related to their own business in interviews, forgetting to do comprehensive research into a potential employer is a big mistake. By taking the time to learn more about the business that posted the listing, you will gain information useful in the interview and appear eager to your potential employer. 

#2: Look the Part

As obvious as this rule may be, it’s surprising how many people don’t strive to look their best for an interview. When in doubt, you should always come to the interview dressed in full business attire. Whatever you prefer to wear is strictly up to you, but you should never speak to a would-be employer dressed like you couldn’t care less about getting the job. 

You should always second guess yourself and never leave the house feeling like you don’t look as professional as you could. Remember the phrase “dress to impress” and be sure to look your sharpest in every interview. The extra attention you pay to your appearance speaks volumes about how you carry yourself in the workplace.

#3: Be Confident, Be Charismatic

It goes without saying that your performance during an interview is crucial. For all the references you may have and all the job experience you’ve gained over the years, being nervous and lacking confidence in an interview will end up undermining all your qualifications. Employers want to conclude the interview feeling like the person they just spoke with has the strength of character and capability to do his or her job. Coming across as being weak-willed or self-conscious only works to do the exact opposite.

Before you enter the interview, take the time to compose yourself. Try practicing key things you want to say in a mirror, drink some tea, or do whatever else helps you boost your confidence. Being able to walk out of an interview as relaxed as you did when you went in is a good sign you did well.

#4: Have Questions of Your Own

Employers love it when you have questions of your own to ask in the interview. For one thing, it shows that you did your homework and have learned a great deal about the company or position in question. It also shows that you are legitimately interested in getting the job and want to know more about it. You should always have at least three or four questions to ask before you shake hands at the end of the session and part ways.

#5: Be Sure to Follow Up

Following up a job interview is a lost art in our modern society, but it is also a practice that should always be observed. While some people simply send a polite email after the interview in thanks for the interviewer’s time, it’s a much better idea to send out something physical instead. Sending out an actual “thank you” card shows initiative, respect, and the willingness to go the extra mile to do something the right way. It always gets a good reaction and, even if you don’t get the job, will help employers remember you the next time a position opens up.

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