Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever gone into an interview feeling like you had all the qualifications to get the job only to find you don’t even get a call back? If you have, then you’re not alone. Many incredibly talented men and women end up walking confidently into interviews yet don’t get the position they’re seeking. 

What are they doing wrong? Often times the issue isn’t what these jobseekers aren’t doing but what they ARE doing. In fact, there are numerous common mistakes that are made in interviews that may be responsible for this lack of success.

Next time you go in for a job interview, make sure to avoid making these 4 common mistakes:

#1: DON’T Dress Less than Your Best

Although this may be a no-brainer to most readers, an alarming number of jobseekers go into interviews dressed in less than full formal business attire. Sometimes this is because the weather makes dress attire uncomfortable to wear or clothing may be torn, crumpled, or frayed.

The counter to this mistake is simple: Dress as best you can before you leave the house and check to make sure clothes fit and look properly weeks before your interview. If the weather is unpleasant, then plan accordingly to have what you need while not slouching on your appearance.

#2: DON’T Be Stiff or Uncomfortable

No interviewer wants to ask you a question only to hear a robotic, overly-rehearsed speech in return. While you may think that these canned replies come off smoothly, most interviewers can tell when you’re mentally reading from cue cards. On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to be overly familiar with your interviewer and come across as disrespectful either.

When going into an interview, just remember to be yourself. Speak to your interviewer as you would if you were discussing projects in the office and not like you’re trying to win a public-speaking event.

#3: DON’T Be Overly Confident or Boastful

While confidence is always welcome, you don’t want to come off as arrogant or cocky in an interview. Besides annoying you interviewer, acting overly confident during an interview will bring into question how well you can work with a team. Big egos come with big problems, and most experienced managers realize this.

When asked about your previous job experience or memorable successes, you should try to strike a good balance between humble and confident. You want to make sure you come off as having a good head on your shoulders while also having the expertise and knowhow to achieve great results.

#4: DON’T Forgot to Follow Up

It may seem like a small thing to most jobseekers, but the importance of the post-interview follow-up cannot be overstated. Many open positions today see multiple candidates brought in for interview, and as a result every chance to make an impression is vital to getting the job offer. When you forget to follow up after an interview, it only helps your competition get ahead and makes you look less eager than those candidates who DO follow up.

Always make sure to send a thank you email, letter, or some other notice to your interviewer after you’ve met with him or her. Taking the time to show your gratitude for having met for a potential job offer makes you come off as enthusiastic, appreciative, and determined to getting the position.

If you feel like you’re avoiding all these common interview mistakes but are still striking out when it comes to embarking on the right career, contact us at J & J Staffing Resources. We can help you find a career that matches your qualifications and your passions.