Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting Off a New Job on the Right Foot

When starting a new job, many men and women understandably feel pressured to impress their superiors. With the current unknown job market, every American worker knows that there is no shortage of competition for most open job positions.  As a result, most people tend to feel that they are trying to meet lofty expectations to prove to their manager that he or she made the best hiring choice.

While everyone wants to impress his or her boss, not everyone manages to make that happen. Sure, effective use of time at the office is a great way to get noticed and being punctual is always a must, but these are behaviors expected of all dedicated workers. In order to set oneself apart from the competition, a person needs to have particular behaviors in place to be truly exceptional.

The next time you find yourself worried over whether or not you’re proving to be a great hire, try demonstrating the following behaviors.

Get Done Before the Deadline

 Deadlines for tasks are usually set to allow for a little more time than it takes to actually get the job done. You should always manage your time and prioritize your work so you can complete your assigned duties or projects well before they are due. Doing this will not only allow you to get started on other tasks more quickly, but it also shows your superiors you are a fast and efficient worker. Just be careful not to rush tasks and do a subpar performance in the process.

Ask “What Else Can I Do?”

We’ve all been in team meetings where brainstorming and crowdsourcing lead to the creation of a new project. If you find yourself in a sea of silence when it your manager asks who wants to take on the task, then you should seriously consider taking the assignment. Taking the initiative on new, exciting projects shows team leaders that you are forward-thinking and eager to try new things. This eagerness can be seen as a great asset for managerial positions and is always noticed come promotion time.

Offer to Help Others When Time Allows
A little bit of help goes a long way. If you find that your colleagues are bogged down in their assignments and need their workload lightened, try offering to take some of their tasks off their hands. Doing this helps you forge better workplace relationships and lets others know that you are dependable and helpful when they need assistance. 

Of course, there are other ways to impress your superiors and colleagues, but the methods listed above are good ways to start. Just remember that being eager to help and managing your time well goes a long way to proving you were worth hiring.

If you’re eager to prove yourself in a new position but are having a tough time finding the job you want, contact us at J & J Staffing Resources today. We can match your qualifications and experience with a career worth having.

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