Friday, November 1, 2013

Giving Thanks and Giving Back!

All of us at J & J take pride in supporting our local communities. This year, in the spirit of Thanksgiving season, we wanted to craft an event to show our employees how much we appreciate their daily efforts while also raising money for a good cause! Therefore, we invented the “Crazy for Charity” event which will be held until December 13th. These series of events will allow employees to dress down, associating the crazy accessory of the week into their wardrobe on the given Friday. In order to participate, employees will need to donate $1, all proceeds being given to CHOP to provide for the children they help each day.

Keep an eye out for the first in the series: Crazy Hat Day! Take a look at what’s to come within the next month, and check back frequently for event photos!

Creative charity events aren’t all we’re good at! Our experts love coming up with customized solutions for our clients staffing needs, finding new additions to great companies looking for great employees! Contact us today for more information on J & J Staffing services.

*We encourage other businesses in the surrounding area to develop fun charity events for the upcoming holidays to help families in need! It’s a great way to build company moral by doing something that will make everyone feel special, touching the hearts of many!

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