Monday, September 1, 2014

When is Hiring a Temp-to-Hire Employee the Best Business Decision?

Looking for quality human resources for your business but running low on money? Wondering that maybe a temp-to-hire employee is the right choice for you?

Startups and small-to-medium-scale businesses often face the dilemma of keeping a balance between the staff they hire with their overall financial status. When starting a business (or in its infancy), it is often a challenge to hire enough employees, and then cover payroll and benefits. It’s a good idea to bring on temp-to-hire staff or temporary recruits who can manage the fluctuating workload and short term assignments without affecting the cost of paying your permanent employees.

Do you think a temp-to-hire employee is the best choice for you and when should you go for temporary staffing instead of permanent recruitment? What are the pros and cons of selecting temp-to-hire staff for any business proposition and how can you avail maximum benefits of the decision? The following discussion will definitely help you.

Temporary and Temp-to-Hire Staff – What’s the Difference?

There are key differences between a temporary and a temp-to-hire employee. Temporary hiring is usually done for a one time deadline-sensitive project and is targeted to maintain your productivity or fill in for vacancies or vacations by your permanent employees. On the other hand, temp-to-hire staff is generally recruited for up to six months or more, and during this period you can evaluate their performance before scheduling an interview and committing to hire them full time in your company.

Advantages of Going for a Temp-to-Hire Employee

Flexibility in Hiring
Staffing providers can help you get in touch with temp-to-hire staff and cut down on the time and hassle of conducting the search yourself and then deciding everything from salary, incentives, benefits and much more. You can then focus on your business rather than spending all your time hiring full time employees, only to see them leave putting all your training and resources to waste.

Assess Skills and Performance
Another key advantage of hiring a temp-to-hire employee is that you can assess their skills and performance on the job and then hire them at a position that best fits the bill and pertains to the requirements of your organization. The advantage is there for the candidates as well – even if their résumé isn’t as impressive at the first glance, they can still woo over the recruiter with their performance and skills and bag a position that they truly deserve to work on.

Reduce Recruitment Risks
The main benefit of going for temp-to-hire staff rather than making a full time placement is that the overall risk is reduced and you have a better chance of making qualitative, smart decisions for the benefit of your organization.

Even if the profile of a candidate looks amazing at the first glance, they may not have the experience and qualifications you are looking for. During the evaluation period, you can assess the candidate individually and train them for a particular time frame and then decide whether you want to retain the employee or look for someone else for the position.

Employees define the productivity, performance and brand identity of your business and thus it is important to put in a great deal of effort and consideration in making smart hiring decisions for long term success. Going for temp-to-hire staff can actually save you time and money and also reduce the level of hassle and stress that is usually involved in the extensive process of screening, testing and interviewing candidates.

One thing is certain, whether you are looking for permanent people for your team or think that maybe the time is right for temp-to-hire staff, always evaluate and analyze your staffing needs first and then connect with experienced staffing providers for some valuable insight and suggestions. At the end of the day, it is all about convenience and your custom requirements on building a workforce that best fits your needs.

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