Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Ways Outsourcing Your Hiring Process Makes Dollars and Sense

Believe it or not, finding and hiring the right employees can prove to be even bigger of a task than running your business. A lot of companies, even startups, therefore go for a staffing firm to facilitate the recruitment procedure and get the right people working in their company without spending weeks sifting through resumes and conducting interviews.

From selection of employees to conducting interviews and scheduling tests or evaluating performance during the training phase - the overall recruitment process demands a lot of time and consideration on your part, particularly because the brand image and productivity of your organization is at stake. Involving a professional to take the burden off your shoulders is a smart idea, and contrary to popular assumption it actually saves both your time and money in the long term.

So what’s the best take - should small and medium-sized business leave hiring to a 3rd party professional or staffing firm or should they handle everything from the initial screening to final recruitment on their own?

Here are a few advantages that you can use if you hire a staffing agency to get the job done for you quickly, seamlessly and effortlessly:

  1. Greater Flexibility
    The first thing that a staffing agency can provide you is the flexibility in hiring. Most businesses, particularly those who have just entered the market and are trying to find a solid footing in the industry, don’t have the time, resources and expertise that are required to conduct a detailed recruitment and extensive selection procedure.

    A staffing firm can prove to be particularly helpful in these cases, as they can help you find a viable and convenient option that best works for you. This means that you don’t always have to go for permanent placements – a staffing agency can also provide temporary workers or temp-to-hire staff arrangements regardless of the job you have advertised for and the type of employment, hours and schedule specified for the position.
  2. Enhanced Expertise
    The second advantage to use a staffing agency is the expertise that they bring to the table. If your own human resources department lacks experience, a staffing firm can help you take the right hiring decisions with their experience and expertise in the field. A staffing firm has a panel of some of the best recruiters in the industry and they have detailed knowledge of the trends and best practices that are in demand in the hiring world. Plus they also hold industry specific specializations in recruitment which can particularly help you find the right employees to join your company and exceed the performance targets you have set for your employees.
  3. Better Employee Retention
    This is a key advantage for individuals who are looking to work as temp-to-hire staff – with the help of professional staffing firms, these individuals can find a temporary position to work with and by proving their worth through their performance, they can score permanent positions at high profile job environments without going through the rigorous job hunting procedure.
  4. Shorter Time Staffing firms have an extensive network and a greater reach than your independent organization. This means that while you have to advertise the positions first and then go through with the screening and interview process to find the right candidate, they simply get in touch with the right people in their pool of options and hand pick candidates that they know are reliable, dependable and a perfect fit for the job. This saves times and resources and makes for better, fruitful decisions that really pay off in the long run.

  5. Reduced Costs
    Last but certainly not least, a staffing agency can help you reduce the overall costs involved in recruitment in multiple ways. Staffing firms will take care of everything from the payroll administration, benefits policy to background investigations and screening procedures which can cut down on the extra hassle and expenses that usually come with recruitment.

    With a staffing agency in charge of hiring, you have the liberty to focus on your key business tasks and enjoy a greater hold and control over your business operations. Plus the reliability factor is always a game changer. When you are working with a credible, experienced staffing firm – one thing is for sure – you will be selecting qualified employees for your company who deliver the performance and expertise that you expect and reduce the risks associated with a hiring decision gone wrong.

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