Monday, February 2, 2015

Philadelphia Region’s 2015 Job Outlook

Despite setbacks to the economy in the past few years, things are really looking up for job seekers. In the Philadelphia region, many companies are growing, and that means there are tons of new opportunities in a variety of fields.

A survey from the Employer Associations of America revealed that 83% of businesses in the Northeast are expecting revenue increases in 2015. As a result, 52% plan to start hiring in the first quarter of 2015, and 58% intend to hire in the second quarter. Some of the most successful sectors in the Philadelphia region include:


Tourism in Philadelphia saw great success in the summer of 2014. Events like the Made in America music festival brought droves of people to the city who explored Philadelphia’s many attractions during their visits. The hotel industry benefited the most from this tourism boom, and restaurants and shops in Center City also experienced an increase in revenue.


An improving economy and lower gas prices mean that consumers are buying goods and services at an increasing rate, and prospects in retail industries are better than before the recession. Growth in the automobile industry is especially strong. However, there has still been steady growth in non-automobile industries.

Real estate

Residential real estate sales increased throughout 2014 with the most significant growth in mid-priced residential homes. Commercial real estate sales are also growing steadily, especially in the industrial sectors. All of this activity has caused an increase in construction jobs.


Financial firms are benefiting from the improved economy and have been granting more commercial and industrial loans. Along with the increased demands for residential real estate, home mortgages have also been successful. Additionally, consumers’ credit lines are increasing.


Manufacturing has become one of the most successful sectors due to the growth in various other industries. In particular, steel and auto parts are in demand due to the increased demand for automobiles. The rise in real estate projects has resulted in demand for heavy machinery. Other successful manufacturing industries include the energy, aerospace, and railroad sectors.

Jobs in all of these industries and many others are expected to continue growing in 2015, so you can approach the job hunt with new optimism. This could be your year to share the success that many of these businesses are experiencing.