Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Top 6 Signs Your HR Department is Overworked

The Human Resources department is responsible for maintaining the status quo and growth of most organizations. Employee relations are mediated, recruiting is processed, legal paperwork is filed, and data is transferred by HR. Depending on the size of the company, there may be even more expected from HR!

With so many small business and startup resources relying on a functioning and efficient HR department, the signs that Human Resources is overworked can be glaring. Below are 6 ways to spot an overworked HR department:

1. Work Productivity is Down

Even the best HR managers will get bogged down and unable to complete their tasks when they have too much on their plate. Without time for proper planning and adequate resources, the recruiting process as a whole may suffer as well.

2. Core Procedures are Suffering

If basic tasks and responsibilities such as updating tax info or approving employee schedules start running behind, you know something needs to change. Make sure that the basic HR responsibilities are being met; otherwise there is a high chance that other tasks have taken precedence over these essential functions.

3. Attitudes Become Negative

The HR manager at your company is always upbeat, cheerful, and full of energy—at least until recently, that is. If a hardworking individual suddenly starts slacking off or even showing apathy, there may be an underlying reason for the change. Be on the lookout for signs pointing towards an overload of hiring or recruiting tasks that may be responsible for a change in attitude.

4. Health Has Been Compromised

Stress can be a strong indicator that someone is overworked, especially if it leads to bags under their eyes or always feeling tired and worn out. Keep in mind that a happy and healthy employee is going to find the best recruits and that a productive human resources recruiting process works best when everyone is giving their all.

5. Workforce is Growing too Fast

There may come a time when a company that was small last year suddenly finds itself with a huge amount of growth—but with the same small HR team it started with! When Human Resources gets blamed for sluggish performance with basic tasks and onboarding policy, it may be time to take a look at the responsibilities per size ratio of the HR department.

6. HR Budget Has Decreased

If the HR department finds itself understaffed and with overextended responsibilities, then it stands to reason that core HR functionality will suffer. Inadequate technology or high operational costs also contribute to a stressed office environment. Check to make sure the HR department is operating efficiently and has adequate solutions available to keep track of important documents and contacts.

Are your HR employees demonstrating signs of overwork or stress? It may be time to evaluate the likely source of the problem—the hiring and recruiting process. As companies grow, the responsibilities of HR extend in order to properly manage and maintain the increased applicant flow. If your HR department is at risk of overwork, consider a staffing solution such as outsourcing to keep HR happy and efficient by easing their workload.

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