Monday, September 14, 2015

3 Staffing Strategies for Growing Companies

Planning for the financial or physical growth of your business can be a tricky thing to navigate. While most businesses have the confidence they will continue to succeed and grow, external factors that are beyond your control such as the state of the overall economy can make forecasting the future a difficult proposition. Businesses should, therefore, take the time to establish solid staffing strategies and be prepared ahead of time. Suddenly finding yourself in the position to grow and add more staff without having a solid staffing strategy in place for doing so can ultimately lead to setbacks. Not being prepared for the growth of your business invites poor staffing decisions and negative business growth and expansion. Let's take a look at some of the ways your business might plan ahead.

1. Create a pipeline of qualified candidates

Any company experiencing business growth and expansion sometimes has to make quick staffing decisions. Say, for instance, you suddenly land that huge account you’ve been pushing for: that’s great news for your business, but do you have the staffing resources in place to get the work done? Building a pipeline of qualified candidates ahead of time can help you avoid making the snap hiring decisions that you may later come to regret. Creating a pipeline of candidates also enables you to gather some sense of the financial costs associated with those hires. This financial data is important to incorporate into your future budget plan.

Sustained business growth and expansion takes time and you shouldn't expect to hire the perfect candidate in every instance. It's natural to expect some level of turnover. Formulating candidate pipelines can ensure your business growth stays on track and can be sustained over time.

2. Analyze your current staff: will you be able to promote from within?

Business growth and expansion does not necessarily have to be an effort concentrated outside of the organization. The alternative of looking toward your own staff requires a realistic analysis of their skillsets. Are there certain current employees who, if they were promoted or given additional responsibilities, would thrive and help the business achieve the growth it’s looking for? Finding the right people to take your business further can be a challenge, but sometimes they are already working at your company.

Staffing strategies should include a comprehensive plan to enrich and educate your current staff members. Do you have a plan in place to educate them and turn them into more valuable assets for your company? Perhaps there are certifications specific to your industry they could obtain that would likewise increase their value to you.

3. Utilize the services of a staffing agency

If making concrete plans for staffing strategies is still a little firm for your business, employing the services of a staffing agency can offer more flexibility. Making use of temporary or temp-to-hire employees can give a business a more fluid staffing situation. Perhaps you want to ensure candidates can significantly contribute before making them a permanent part of your team. Using a staffing agency enables your business to adjust its staffing strategy easily.

A staffing agency also takes away a lot of the headaches and time that go into bringing in additional labor. Since they handle the screening, interviewing, and salary negotiation with temporary or temp-to-hire employees, you’re able to get your staffing need addressed quickly and get on with growing your business.

In all aspects, businesses need to plan ahead and formulating staffing strategies is no different. By gaining a strong understanding of the financial state of your business, what you’re currently capable of, and your realistic business goals based on the long-term prospects for your industry, you will get a sense of which strategy will serve you best moving forward.

Experiencing business growth, whether sudden or over a long period of time, can be exciting. Taking the time to strategically plan your business growth and expansion ahead of time protects your business from making rushed decisions that could potentially backfire. When incorporating additional labor into a business, there may be some turnover. This is to be expected, however, but with strong staffing strategies in place, your business can make sure it remains on course for sustained growth.

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