Friday, August 14, 2015

3 Common Misconceptions about Temporary Employees

The stereotypical view of temporary workers sees them as low-skilled, unqualified, and unreliable. Employers are subsequently unsure about hiring them fearing that the decision will somehow come back to haunt them. Even as an increasingly vital part of a changing economy, temporary workers are seen as somehow lesser or insufficient compared to permanent staff. The typical picture of a temporary worker is an inexperienced, unmotivated person who’s maybe fresh out of college and just looking for whatever work they can get. Understandably, this view can frighten hiring managers and business from hiring workers through a temporary employment agency. These misconceptions are inaccurate, however, and can ultimately lead to a business missing out on a great way to find staff. Let’s examine some of the most common misconceptions and how they represent an inaccurate view of the temporary workforce.

1. Temporary workers are unqualified for the work they do

The onus for ensuring the right employee is matched to the right position is on the temporary employment agency. A comprehensive screening process with a candidate for a temporary position involves finding out their exact skillset and then working to match that skillset with a particular role. By ensuring that an employee is being correctly utilized, businesses can be confident their workforce is as efficient as it can possibly be. Effective temporary employment agencies make this skill-matching process a key part of their process in filling a post and finding the perfect match between the skills of the temporary worker and a business’s specific needs.

2. Temporary employees are unable to find permanent jobs

Another common misconception about temporary employees is that they are unable to find a permanent job and subsequently represent a lesser hire. The truth is that the circumstances surrounding a person’s decision to become a temporary worker can vary greatly and reflect little on their ability to secure or hold a permanent job. Temporary employees have a variety of motivations in looking for the work they do—which have no impact on them doing great work in a temporary role. For instance, some use temporary positions as an opportunity to network so they have strong contacts within their industry to rely on later in their careers. Alternately, temporary employees are sometimes in the midst of transitioning careers from one industry to another, and temporary work can be a great way of learning about a new industry and deciding whether it’s right for you. Or they may even be looking for additional income while finishing school. Whatever the reason, a person seeking temporary employment is not a reflection of their skillset, but instead likely a conscious decision based on their individual circumstances.

Hiring a temporary worker can also be a great way to find a permanent hire. Think of it almost like an extended job interview. What better way to really make sure you’ve found the right person for the position than to actually see them working in the role? In a typical permanent hire process for a full-time hire, there’s an inherent leap of faith a business takes by hiring someone before truly seeing them in action. With temp to hire, you get to see exactly how the employee fits in with your company and how they perform in the role before committing to them on a permanent basis.

3. Temporary employees are unreliable

Perhaps the most damaging misconception about temporary workers is the idea that they’re unreliable. People assume that since they won’t be around very long, temporary employees are uncommitted to the company that hires them and their work will be of a poor quality. Instead, temporary employees should be viewed as being exactly where they want to be. Through temporary employment services, both the employer and the temporary employee are in a mutually advantageous situation. The company is getting someone to fulfil a role, while the employee is gaining valuable, resume-building experience that will serve them well in their career.

There are huge benefits to hiring a temporary employee to fill a specific need within a business. The misconceptions discussed here unfortunately hold some businesses back from utilizing temporary employment services. As a result, they miss out on this dynamic and useful part of the modern workforce.

Still unsure as to whether hiring a temporary employee is right for your business? Consult with your J & J representative to decide the best solution to meet your next staffing challenge.

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