Monday, April 26, 2010

Revamp Your Resume

There is no doubt the way to land a job is to stand out from the many candidates going for the same position. There are so many applicants with qualified skills and educational backgrounds that employers are looking more toward personality to help develop their staff. It is much easier to explain your distinctive abilities and experience in an interview; the challenge is offering a hint of those qualities in the written form clearly enough to secure an interview at all. This introduces the challenge of having a "typical resume."

There are a number of general resume standards that have seemed to be etched in stone, i.e. keep to one page, apply typical terms like, "strong work ethic," and use traditional resume vocabulary such as, "results oriented." With the development of different markets an unpredictable economic climate, and overall competitiveness in employment, now is the time to be clear on how the efficiency in your experience is a result of your unique work style. A resume will always have its business standards, but there is always room for professional creativity. Follow the link to see how to revamp your resume!